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Unlock the future of home entertainment control with OneRemoteX – your all-in-one universal remote solution.

Say goodbye to remote clutter and the frustration of switching between devices. With OneRemoteX, you take command of your entire home theater effortlessly.

Our intelligent learning remote control feature empowers you to seamlessly program it for your TV, VCR, DVB/SAT, DVD player, air conditioner, and beyond. Experience a new level of control and convenience today.

You can even copy your original remote

OneRemoteX supports thousands of brands, for which you can configure it by just inputting a 4 digits code.

But imagine for a moment, the device you love is not supported by default?

Well, we got you covered! You can copy each button from your original remote and assign it effortlessly to buttons on OneRemoteX by using the Learn Function.

Too Many Remotes? End the Brain Twist Instantly!

We've all been there – a cluttered desk with remotes scattered for the TV, AC, DVB, Soundbar, Projector, and more.

It's a daily battle to find the right one amidst the chaos. But now, imagine a world where you no longer have to engage in this remote roulette.

Introducing OneRemoteX, your ultimate solution to the never-ending remote hunt.

The answer is: OneRemoteX

While OneRemoteX can replace a broken remote, it is not the main purpose!

OneRemoteX is a sophisticated premium universal remote that can do much more. It takes control of your devices by making it easy and convenient.

While it is easy to configure it for basic functions, it also offers complicated configurations for those who would like to dig deeper.

Top Benefits

Universal Remote

Real universal remote, with the huge database of pre-programming codes covering all brand names out there.

Imagine effortlessly controlling your Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic TVs, along with your trusty air conditioners from Mitsubishi, Carrier, and Trane, all with a single, universal remote.

Say goodbye to the clunky collection of controllers cluttering your coffee table and embrace the simplicity of OneRemoteX.

It's the ultimate solution for streamlined, stress-free home entertainment and climate control. Experience the true meaning of convenience today!


Control up to 6 devices with one remote. Simply switch between the profiles by just pressing a button.

With its remarkable 6-in-1 capabilities, you can seamlessly switch between profiles for your TV, VCR, DVB/SAT, DVD player, air conditioner, and CD player.

Picture this: with a single click, you can transition from controlling your high-end Samsung TV to adjusting the temperature on your efficient Carrier air conditioner.

Convenience and comfort have never been so attainable. Make the switch to OneRemoteX today!

Macro Functions

Make advanced configurations. Send sequential commands to different devices by pressing just one button.

Our remote is equipped with four programmable buttons, each designed to execute a sequence of commands with a single press.

Imagine effortlessly setting up your home theater system: just one button press can power on your TV, Apple TV box, home cinema amplifier, and adjust the inputs to perfection.

With OneRemoteX, it's like having your own personal home theater assistant. No more juggling multiple remotes or navigating complex menus.

Learning Function

Use the learning function to copy anything from your original remote and assign to the new one.

Unlike other remotes, OneRemoteX goes beyond the ordinary by not only working with thousands of known models but also mastering the unknown.

With its learning capability, you can easily teach it to mimic the commands of any remote control you have, whether it's an obscure TV brand or a unique air conditioner unit. It's like giving your OneRemoteX a PhD in remote control languages.

This extraordinary feature ensures that you'll never be limited by the remotes you own. 

Price Check: If you were to purchase all these functions separately

A simple calculation taking in account market pricing.

  • Normal TV Remote: $25
  • Normal Universal Remote for 1 Device: $20
  • Usual AC Remote: $24
  • Learning Remote: $25
  • Dedicated Volume Unifying Remote: $20

Total cost: $114

OneRemoteX includes all the above functions and does much more!

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