OneRemoteX the universal remote that replaces all.

But OneRemoteX doesn't stop at just being a replacement; it's a master of adaptation. Its remarkable learning function takes control to a whole new level. Ever wished you could magically transfer the functions from your original remote controls onto a single device? OneRemoteX makes it possible.

Put the rest to a rest.

No more hunting for the right remote for each device; OneRemoteX takes center stage as the ultimate command hub for your home.

Whether it's your TV, air conditioner, DVD player, or any other infrared device, this sleek and intelligent remote makes your life more convenient and enjoyable. With its vast database of default programming codes and the ability to learn from your existing remotes, it adapts to your needs effortlessly.

We have designed OneRemoteX not simply to replace a broken remote.

OneRemoteX brings you the power of thousands of default programming codes right at your fingertips.

Controlling up to six devices with a single remote offers unparalleled convenience, reducing the clutter of multiple remotes and simplifying your home entertainment setup.

Why OneRemoteX?

Why OneRemoteX? Because it's the ultimate solution to simplify your home entertainment, effortlessly replacing multiple remotes with one sleek, smart, and intuitive device.


Universally compatible with all the device brands, beyond expectations.


Control 6 devices with one remote. Like TV, AC, VCR, DVB/SAT, Projector, etc.


A remarkable learning function to copy any IR code from any remote.


Master volume control mode, control the volume simultaneously.



The Ultimate Guide to OneRemoteX

Explore the diverse range of users who can benefit from this remarkable device, from families seeking peace during movie nights to tech enthusiasts eager to simplify their tech ecosystem. We'll take you on a journey through the convenience, adaptability, and elegance of OneRemoteX and show you how it can enhance your daily life.
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